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Hiya, Ive got a mk4 golf, just looking joined to read up on tune ups. Ive had the car about 6months now bought it cheap because i had to replace engine. Previous owner thrashed it with a knackered turbo, so burnt all the oil and eventualy buggered the shells up. Ive now want to play with it again and do a little tune and smarten up, Im want to turn boost up slightly, so just researching, what else i should do regarding bigger intercooler, and remaps. Ive never had VW before my mate got me into then, always had jap cars before.

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Nozzles, turbo, and most importantly, chip tune to take advantage of it. You can put a big turbo on a TDI and if the car's computer doesn't give more fuel it doesn't do a thing except be more laggy.
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