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Chitty: I just purchased a new Jetta TDI DSG SportWagen. I just read your your "how to" article on breaking in a diesel. As I am new to this technology, what is the best way to go down a hill during the break in period? Let off the accelerator or apply a steady pressure? How about going up hill? What rev range should I be while driving down the flat? Seems to me 2100 to about 2300 rpm is in the Plus or Minus 70 MPH range.

I realize I should vary the speed and not drive with cruise control till after 1000 miles. Love the car and want to make it last like our 160,000 mile Mercury Villeger.


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The point on how to break in a car engine is really just that a little more or a little less won't make a significant difference. I don't want to give the impression that the engine won't work at its best if you don't follow the tips exactly.

But since you asked, the answer is "it depends". I would drive up the hill normally without lugging the engine. So if you have to downshift do so. Going down the hill, coasting will let it cool off and heat cycle the engine. Apply just enough throttle to maintain a reasonable speed. Giving it no pedal is fine too.

Whether or not you follow these tips I'll bet that it'll last longer than your 160,000 mile Villager and beyond :)
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