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high speed vibration

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I have a vibration noise that is haunting me! At 110-120km/hr my jetta has a low tone vibration that does not change if i touch the brakes or go around a curve. The first action was balance and rotate the tires, i then replaced both front wheel brgs, and I have also disassembled both c.v. shafts, cleaned and repaced with new boots and clamps. I do not feel the vibration in the seat or in the floor mostly in the steering wheel...anythoughts?
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It could just be tire wear. Old tires are usually noiser than new tires.
I had this problem. Check that the undertray under the engine is attached securely. The buffeting of the wind under the tray makes it vibrate like a real bitch
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Generally if you feel vibration through the steering wheel then the wheels are dynamically out of balance.

You may have had the wheels balanced but if the tyres have worn oval they still follow the contour of the tyres on the road and therefore they still vibrate the steering wheel. ;)
Thanks for the suggestions, I left the engine tray off and test drove and still have the noise. When the tires were rotated the noise stayed the same, maybe its channelling up through the chasis still? I guess I will bite the bullet and get a new set of tires.
If the tires are feathered rotation isn't going to make them quiet. People like to drive tires until they're treadbare and roaring. The inside of the tires can wear out faster and if the alignment is off this can also cause tire noise.
Well I forgot the mension yesterday you can do a simple check. Jack one of the front wheels up so its of the ground and support the chassis somewhere with axle stands (you have to think of health & safety) :nana2: Just spin the wheel and look at the tread and see if it rotates evenly without any lumps or bumps. Then jack up the other wheel and do the same procedure. ;)
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