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HID options?

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I know you can't use a HID bulb in a reflector but the OEM HIDs are too pricy. What options are there?
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As long as you use a projector headlamp and a bulb of the correct depth so that the projector lens is correctly focused, it will work fine.

The reason OEM is expensive is because it works well, has the ballast built into the housing, and is a quality piece. Aftermarket headlights tend to have cheaper plastic. It looks the same but it's obvious if you touch or bend the tabs.
Yes I know but the OEMs are over $1000. I am wondering how the quality of the replicas from ECS tuning are.
If it means anything, the Depo headlights aren't very good. Get OEM headlights or OEM quality such as Hella. Or look on the vortex classifieds because there are always used HID housings coming up. The newer style has the ballast built into it and is a little better.
Thanks for the advice but I decided against it. HID lights are 2 car payments and I wanted to save for the real deal. So I just put in some silverstars and found a very minor improvement in how the lights look.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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