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The cheapest I've seen them is here: http://www.tdiparts.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1028 You must have a high line lighting control module on the car.

I would get these because at that price, you're about the price of the hella dynabeams + a HID kit. Plus, it'll be OEM quality. OEM HIDS have a better beam pattern than HID bulbs in projector housings but they're acceptable and most people wouldn't know the difference. The difference is that OEM headlamps are bi-xenon, both high and low beam are HID. If you do a retrofit you'll have HID lows only and halogen high beams.

Hella housings are good but I would avoid cheapo ebay headlight housings because while they may look good in a picture, it'll be obvious in person that the plastic is soft and cheap, fitment isn't as good as OEM, wiring isn't built to the same standards, etc.

You could also get OEM projector headlights and put a HID kit into it. They're backordered though: http://www.ecstuning.com/Volkswagen-Golf_V--2.5/Lighting/Headlights/ES6476/
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