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Hello everyone !

Im on my 4th V-Dub now ... although it is my first TDI and i loooooooooooooove her :) shes an 04 Jetta in black, I installed the 3 spoke leather wrapped steering wheel from my MK4 Jetta wolfsburg along with the "over radio pop out :p" cup holder and the front caliper/spindle/strut tower assemblies; soon she will get the rears the seats and the bbs wheels once they are refinished. Right now im in the middle of a timing belt job where setting the timing is giving me issues so im taking a break. The only issues i have had with the car so far would be that the rear left abs exciter ring got damaged and was causing a really annoying squeak, when i tried to bend it back into position it basically disintegrated so im driving around with no abs or stability control right now. Also on my way back from kentucky this summer she blew a windshield wiper fluid hose no biggie just clicked it back together.

Thanks for reading !!!

- Larissa
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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