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Hi i am a new memberjoined today. I have long wanted a passst and now i have a 1999 1.9 tdi auto tiptronic. it came with just 1 key so i purchased another remote unit from ebay then got another key cut on the internet and programed the unit to the car. my next step which i hope to finde the answers on this site to are to help with the programming of the rfid chip in the spare key i also purchased a vag-com cable but not used it yet. i am also going to look at sorting a reversing problem with the gear. the care reverses on the flat and downhill but wont budge reversing uphill. having looked at this on the internet so far i feel it may be a pressure problem so i aim to do a gearbox oil change first.
any thoughts about this or pointers in the right direction would be great.
hi and Thanks in advance to you all :D
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