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I just bought my blue 2002 Jetta GLS TDI this month and have been busy changing filters and ordering parts! It's awesome to find such a helpful website and forum to help me along in learning to take care of the car. It's great to be here.

My car has 130K miles and it's in a pretty good cosmetic shape. The seller told me it needed a new battery because it would need to be jump started sometimes. It drives fine after I installed a new vw OEM battery. EDIT: it is now failing to start up after five days since the battery install. The battery voltage is 10.25. I just started charging the poor battery with Schumacher XCS15 on 10 amp "turtle" setting. Should I have peeled stickers and unscrewed the battery vents(?) when I installed it? I'm new with batteries. I forgot to mention that there are wires for XM radio unit hanging in the glove compartment from the previous owner, one audio jack, one power jack, and two antenna jacks. I insulated the power plug with plastic bag and tape. Last week I changed intake filter, cabin filter, fuel filter, and got a member from vwvortex to run VAG-COM scan because there was check engine light. The error codes were:

17056 - Cylinder 2 Glow Plug Circuit (Q11) Electrical Fault
P0672 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent
17058 - Cylinder 4 Glow Plug Circuit (Q13) Electrical Fault
P0674 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent

00668 - Supply Voltage Terminal 30
008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent

01330 - Central Control Module for Central Convenience (J393)
53-10 - Supply Voltage Too Low - Intermittent
00929 - Locking Module for Central Locking: Front Passenger Side (F221)
54-10 - Incorrectly Equipped - Intermittent
01331 - Door Control Module: Driver Side (J386)
53-10 - Supply Voltage Too Low - Intermittent
01332 - Door Control Module: Passenger Side (J387)
53-10 - Supply Voltage Too Low - Intermittent
01359 - Internal Central Locking Switch: Passenger Side (E198)
27-10 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent
01333 - Door Control Module: Rear Left (J388)
53-10 - Supply Voltage Too Low - Intermittent
01334 - Door Control Module: Rear Right (J398)
53-10 - Supply Voltage Too Low - Intermittent

Q1: What should I do about the voltage codes? Are the low voltage codes likely caused by the old battery that I have since replaced? We haven't cleared away any codes yet.

00668 seems to be likely caused by loose above-battery fuse or cord. I looked at that box and saw that everything is tight, not burned out, and clean. I did see that the line that connects from the battery + pole to the fuse box on the left has some melted insulator and scorch marks. around the metal sheet that gets bolted on to the main + line.
00929 could this incorrect equipment draining my battery?!

I followed some excellent guides online to test the glow plugs with a multimeter. Glow plug number 2 (second closest to battery) had different resistance from the other three, so I just ordered 4 Bosch glow plugs online.

Q2: I wonder if I also need to change the glow plug harness, because the harness tips for glow plugs #1 and #4 have their plastic sleeves broken off, so that when I pull the harness the wire and metal contacts come off but leave the plastic sleeves on the glow plug ends. I have photos of that:

The trouble code for glow plug #4 seems to be not caused by any difference in glow plug resistance but rather caused by a bad harness contact? Q3: Should I fix this by cleaning the contacts or go ahead and order and install a new harness? Q4: If so, is there different new harnesses options I can choose from?

I checked Relay 109 to make sure it was gray plastic color type, not the problem prone black plastic color type.

I'm arranging with Matt from VA to change my timing belt, so I can hang out and learn (and hopefully not get in the way):bowdown.
I found Matt here: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=49141

I found a long steel spring by the passenger seat. The person who gave me the VAG_COM reading said he also has a collection of those springs, but did not know how or where they fit. Q5: Can any one give us a hint to where the springs go, or a previous post about putting them back where they belong?

The back lights for reverse gear are glowing fine, but they seem too weak to adequately illuminate the road, electricity pole, or slow moving children in the dark. At least it seems like I'm backing into a dark void compared to backing a Tacoma/Altima and seeing an illuminated drive way.Q6: Are dim back reverse lights normal for Jettas?

Let's see, what else. Oh, Yesterday I went to the local biodiesel station and filled up some B99 fuel. I'm changing the engine oil and filter next EDIT: when I fix the battery drain problem. The car is doing great other than the battery drain problem EDIT: I just checked the power steering fluid and it was waaay low so I'm refilling that tomorrow, or leave it and call the steering wheel a work-out machine.

Thank you for reading my first post. I hope to learn quickly and share my knowledge here in the future!:nana2:

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I would clear codes after fixing the battery drain problem and see what codes come back and replace the GP harness. It should be a simple cut-solder job. THe only differences were the early style which had all GP on 1 circuit which you don't have since each GP is sensed separately.

LOL, the springs go under the seat. I have heard of this but I never bothered finding out where they go because they don't seem to affect operation of the seat. If you remove the seat you should see where it goes. Here is how to remove the seat: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/multi/power-seat-swap.htm and seat disassembly

6: no, do you have tinted windows?

RE: PS fluid: do not use prestone or auto store PS fluid. Use VW's mineral based PS fluid. Buy online or from dealer.

My best guess on the battery drain problem is that it's related to an audio system install. You don't have to peel any stickers. The vent plug should go to a drain hose.

Also, this is pretty technical so post moved to mk4 section.


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Great, I will order a new GP harness and go to dealer for PS fluid. 12oz is more than enough I read? The car has no tinted windows. Where may I find the max wattage for those tail light reverse bulbs? The car didn't come with an owner's manual and I want to buy a pair of higher lumen bulbs.

The battery does not have a place to plug a vent hose and the car doesn't seem to have a vent hose at the battery location. Am I good to go without doing anything to the battery?

I'm borrowing a clamping ammeter and going to test battery drain while pulling out fuses.

As far as I know the only custom job is the XM radio hookup. Speaking of which, I do love Torx screws. I kept taking off plastic panels in front of the passenger seat to get to where those wires are spliced, and I can reach back and feel either the power or the sound jack is plugged into a box-thingy jammed behind the A/C dial area. So how do I get there? I would need those Monsoon removal clips no? How do they work? Insert and pull? http://cgi.ebay.com/4-Radio-Tool-Ke...051?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3365566d8b
The XM antenna cords shouldn't be spliced into anything right? I see one antenna block that's magnetically stuck on the trunk cover.

While excavating the cables, a bunch of crap fell out so I got to do some archeology: The previous owner apparently liked to chew "5 Cobalt" gum, buy coffee, and wear lipstick. I also found the sliding cover for the car's cigarette lighter alcove in that cave, though without any mechanism to click into its original location. I see what people mean by "VW didn't care about these plastic interior parts." No big deal.

Today I went to the local junk yard in search of a battery terminal clamp bolt that I broke in half. I pulled out the part from a New Beetle but turns out the bottom is too short and differently shaped to fit into the terminal's wedge groove. Tricky. Maybe I will ask Matt for a clamp when doing timing belt.

This coming week there will be PROGRESS!
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