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Hi Everyone

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I have just joined to get some info and hopefully advice about the motor rebuild that I'm in the middle of for my daughter's '01 Jetta tdi.

She bought it from a neighbor and after it had a timing belt failure. We have the moror mostly apart and find see that #3 cylinder is wrecked with bent rod, valves and a bad cam lobe and lifter.

I am planning to put a new rod & piston in but now find that most places only sell rods in complete sets. Does anyone know why and is it ok to just replace 1 rod?

Also, what's the best place to buy these motor parts (including complete head, cheap but good quality?

Thanks, Paperboy
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Thanks Guys

I appreciate the info & suggestions. I actually thought that rods had to be purchased in matched sets because of the stick up tolerence associated with the head gasket selection. Anyway, perhaps ckecking with a junk yard is a better approach.
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