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Hi Everyone

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I have just joined to get some info and hopefully advice about the motor rebuild that I'm in the middle of for my daughter's '01 Jetta tdi.

She bought it from a neighbor and after it had a timing belt failure. We have the moror mostly apart and find see that #3 cylinder is wrecked with bent rod, valves and a bad cam lobe and lifter.

I am planning to put a new rod & piston in but now find that most places only sell rods in complete sets. Does anyone know why and is it ok to just replace 1 rod?

Also, what's the best place to buy these motor parts (including complete head, cheap but good quality?

Thanks, Paperboy
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I think a lot of people just ry and get the parts second hand, there's the section in here and also the one on the tdiclub where you can post an add. The pistons and rods probably come in sets so they're all equal, there's bound to be a reasonable difference between brand new and 100,000 miles worn and puting in just one new piston and rod might upset the balance of the engine but I think it'd be fine with second hand one. franko6 on the tdiclub is supposed to be the man when it comes to head work, I'd ask him.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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