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Hi! Anybody help here with an 80tdi issue?

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Audi 80 tdi pump issues

Hi, Can anybody offer advice please?
I'm the proud owner of an antiquated 80tdi which I hasten to add I just love. I'm aware that most of you will have much newer wheels but this is my order of choice and all I can afford at the moment!
So, problem is....fuel pump has decided to play up. Had it checked (£50!) and verdict is new EDU in pump- fitting costs £810..... not an option alas.
I've been searching for a replacement pump and found one with similar numbers.
Mine is 00460 404 992 and 0281 301 109L. (bosch number) question is: I've found one with the same 00460 number but the other number sequence finishes with a 'J'

So, can I fit this to my car? Or, are there any other numbers I can safely buy?

Many thanks for any advice

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You might be able to fit them physically as VW TDI can also swap pumps. However, every once in a while, you get some weird combination that doesn't work correctly. Bosch part numbers are not available to me so the best bet is to ask a local place which rebuilds injection pumps and ask them. My best total guess is that if they look the same it will work. Check the plugs.
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