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got a 1999 golf gttdi , 110 bit of a lemon but was fairly cheap .manchester england
first post on here ( first post anywhere realy so dont know what i am doing) had a few probs already

broken key so imobilizer bit dicky , now fixed with home made key ,

leaking radiator replaced with salvaged one

2 rusty front wings ( probly had repare sometime in past.) looking for some replacements

very crunchy 5 speed box especialy in 3rd , thought i had bought a duff box but after a bit of investigation turns out there was no oil in ,just a bit of brown mud in the bottom. now seems fine but did have to fill box up through the revese light switch hole as i could not get that dam plug out.

biggest prob when got car though was abs light and pad warning light. took a lot of messin about but turned out to be a break in the wire from the sensor to the abs unit and 2 sensors faulty.

another big prob was a lot of turbo lag and vag-com warning of "high boost something"( cant remember) it would also go into limp mode on moterway about 80mph
i know alot of people have posted on this prob so this is one of the possible solutions to other peoples problems...
first the vacume pipe to the actuator on the turbo had worn through which had fixed the actuator in the open position ,ie lots of lag then boost about 2800rpm then limp mode eventualy.
fixed this but because actuator had not been moving for a while ( could have been a long time) the actuator was seized.
got replacement actuator (ebay) fitted it , exellent spools up at 1800rpm
now need to be sure on the rod adjustment ( hence the long and booring intro post) found a link on hear how to do it .

other problems mmmm sure there are more

ohh!! worn suspension bush at front which still needs doing

front cv boot hole in caused by me drilling out abs sensor and catching boot with drill ( opps)

good old boot release lock and handel all coroded into a great big mess , going to get rid fill over and have a remote switch boot release

also ,,,, joke thats it and sorry about the spelling

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Fixed with homemade key? Details?

Just set the rod to the same length as the old one. However, since it's from ebay you might still want to check it with a vacuum pump. If it's too long or short it won't work correctly. You already found one bad vacuum line, I'd also check the other ones to make sure they're good too.

front cv boot hole in caused by me drilling out abs sensor and catching boot with drill ( opps)
sorry but :pukerofl oops is all you said? I don't think this forum allows swearing though.
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