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Been exploring this site, specifically looking for BRM timing belt info and EGR info. I've been a member of the TDI club for some time and only recently discovered this site. DIY info sections are very well done.

I have a 2003 Jetta with the ALH engine. Only one problem ever in 240K km with a MAF sensor failure. That car gives me the rated 64 mpg on the highway. Lifetime average mileage has been 57 mpg. (those are Cdn Imperial gallons).

Also have a 2006 Jetta with the BRM engine. Only problem encountered has been a EGR system failure @ 90K km. Didn't have time to resolve the faulty component at the time, so blocked off the pipe. Now at 160K km. Interesting to note that the mileage before and after was not changed. It's lifetime average mileage is at 52 mpg. Perhaps after the timing belt change I will get back to isolating the EGR problem.
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