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Hi All,

I have been searching for info on the ordering process, and while I have found out quite a bit about the process, I have a couple of questions for those of you in the know.

In order to keep on top of a "placed" order, which is nothing more than a depo put down and a specific request. What should I look for - a "order process number"? And when should I ask about that - not to drive the dealer crazy.

I did ask a dealer when a VIN would be assigned, and they said that does occur and they can let me know once one is given in production.

I was told 12 weeks, and that since I was early in the 2011 production cycle, that dealer allotment was a non-issue. It's just I read some people waited up to 6 months for there 2010 ordered GOLF TDIs.

I ordered: 2011 4dr Golf TDI, with manual trans., sunroof & adaptive lights, in red. Never ordered a car before, but I know what I want this time.

Any tips on what to expect would be nice.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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