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Help with Mark IV 2000 Golf

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Hello everyone my name is Kelly and I purchased a 2000 Mark IV Volkswagon Golf. I have put a new computer in it, a new security alarm computer also which was missing. The key fob is broken, none of the buttons work. When we tryto start the car, it won't turnover and the yellow car lights up on the dash. Took it to a dealership, 200.00 in labor later they tell me they can't program it. I'm not buying what they are selling. Does anybody have any ideas or can point me in the right direction? Also a brand new battery was installed. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
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Have you asked them why they can't program it? If you see the yellow car symbol the immobilier is active because you swapped ECU. It should be an easy task to sync the new ECU, especially since they charged you $200 in labor to look at it.
That would seem logical, I agree with you. The dealership stated that it would take approximately 2 more hours in labor to pinpoint where the problem is. They said the computer couldn't be programed even after we supplied them with a new one. Which seems odd to me. I still have both the new and old computers for the vehicle. When the key is inserted into the ignition there is power to the dash, with the yellow car lit, but it won't turnover. In addition, it tries to crank and we can smell gas like it is trying to start. The only other info I can offer is my boyfriend hooked up his diagnostice computer to the car and it registered for a bad crank sensor. The dealership pushed that away stating that a problem with the computer can cause it throw codes that are not relevant. Any ideas?
Push it off a cliff? J/K the car sounds like a basketcase. If it doesn't turn over it's not the immobilizer, the immobilizer just shuts the engine off after you start it. Fix that problem first, maybe the crank sensor is a place to start since it's throwing the code?
Ok, still need help. Put new crank sensor in, still won't start. The car cranks, the spark plugs are wet with fuel and there is spark. It still does't start. Any ideas? thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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