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I have issue with my golf mk6 2.0 tdi 4 motion
Engine is CFFB 2.0 tdi, 2010
I had an ECU fault and was swapped with identical one and everything from that side is ok, also dpf and egr off.manual gearbox
Car works nicely but there is one issue a big one.
Here is what is happening:
On idle cars works normal, when I start driving in 1st gear all is going fine, but when I select 2nd gear car won’t rev above 1900 rpm, pedal is to the metal, but noting same in 3rd gear. If I stop and put in back in 1st gear it is ok and revs up to 4000 rpm ( didn’t try any more ). Without needing to switch off car and start again.

no error codes vcds and odis, actuator is working fine, no smoke from exhaust, vacuum is also ok double checked. Wiring also ok , n75 no errors, I didn’t see any boost leak.
Fuel spec are looking ok.
Fuel filter, oil, air filter changed before 1200km Any help will be good?
Please help loosing my mind
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