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Alright I am ready to loose it! We bought my wife a 2006.6 BRM with a 5 speed for her to commute 187 miles a day, with first 150k not a single problem!

153k flywheel starts making noise and I check the cam and low an behold there are signs for copper so I bite the bullet invest the money and do the work myself. So the car now has a Colt cam, SMF southbend kit and all the Frank06 Mods (Thanks again Frank, awsome guy please buy from him!)

Now 160k wife drives home from work all is good, runs a few errands and notices all of the sudden on deceleration there is a groaning/grinding noise in all forward gears.

Pull the drain plug out of the tranny and guts START FALLING OUT!

***, I have owned about 30 vw's and beat the hell out of all of them and never had a tranny break except for one of the 84 GTI rivot failures.
This one has been babied and it fails, the only thing I can come up with is we have studded snows is there to much traction and it popped the differential?

What broke? Reasearch shows its a GQQ do I have any options for a different year tranny code ect?

Help please!!!!

Thanks in advance

If you know of a Tranny for a good price within 400miles of Maine let me know I will drive down and get it this weekend!

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That is very unusual. Maybe you should beat the hell of of this one too...

I suppose in theory another 5 speed TDI trans could fit since they're both 4 cyl but the gear ratios would be all different. Each TDI generation changed the gearing slightly. Older ones also had speedometer sensors, yours doesn't. I don't know if there are other differences.

try car-part.com for junk yard search
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