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I purchased a 2006.5 VW Jetta TDI with 82K miles on the clock on Feb 5th. I purchased this car because I just started a new job and the commute is 45 miles one way. I was driving a Ford explorer before and had to fill up three times a week. One of my co-workers has a 2004 VW Bug TDI and told me about the mileage she was getting, as she commutes the same distance as I do.

This is my first week of driving my TDI and have not had to fill up at all this week and still have a quarter of a tank after driving over 500 miles! I am officially in "hooked" on this car and want to keep it maintained per factory requirements. I am preparing to do the 80K service on the car as I do not know the service history.
I have been haunting these forums since I purchased this car and have learned a lot of great information.

Thank you for such a great source of information!
Steve H.
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Hi there, welcometomyturbodies

If you get stuck on anything just post as there's knowledgeable people around here:)
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