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I have a VW transporter with an AJT 2.5 88bhp engine. Done the cam and pump belts, all is DEFINATLY correct (Even had the rocker cover off to check TDC).

Now with regards to the pump timing, vag com timing checker is at 65 in basic settings.
Measured blocks shows specified as 2.0' actual as 2.0' with a duty cycle (n108) of 14.7%

Everything I have read to date suggests duty cycle should below 10% and to reduce it you need a mechanical advance. Advancing the pump results is no reduction of duty cycle just the timing getting more advanced.

If I retard the pump I can get the timing spot on at 55 but then my duty cycle is 89% constantly and the van is flat until on boost.

:dunno Is my pump knackered? Any ideas, input or suggestions welcomed.

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