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Hello ,long time reader first time poster.. (MK4 TDI Golf with an immobilizer issue)

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Hello group , I have a 2001 TDI golf ( MK4 USA spec). It has had intermittent immobilizer no start episodes for several years, but at worst the car started after ten minutes. Today I pulled into a station for fuel, and the immobilizer immobilized the car for 2 hours. I tried waiting, tried leaving the key in and ignition turned on, nothing worked, I had to get it towed home. I would really like to fix this issue once and for all as I cannot trust the car now. I am open to disabiling the immo system, or replacing all the involved components to make it operational. I have read the FAQ post on the immo system, I do not have the SKC for my car. Thanks in advance!!!!
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If you can get the SKC you may be able to input an emergency bypass. I've never tried it so don't know if it works. Otherwise you have to do a chip reflash to remove the immobilizer. There is no quick and easy way to defeat the immobilizer, otherwise it wouldn't be a very good anti theft system would it?
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Now there are plenty of thread on here talking about immobilizer problems but as anyone heard Autologic it seems like a good piece of kit as it saves going to the dealer for the PIN code. I don't see any prices for it. ;)
It is one heckuva immobilizer system , I got my car to start , strangely enough it started right up when I pulled the key fob in half, and stuck the key half in sans remote half. Maybe a coincidence, it would not start seconds before.
Yes you don't need the buttons on the key to start the car as the immobilizer chip is embedded in the key blade part. ;)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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