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Hey there everybody!
I've been lurking for a while but decided to introduce myself and my car! We're from QC, Canada.

My 1999.5 Mk4 Jetta has 375000 km (233 000 miles), bought it 3 years ago at 299000 km. It already had a few mods back then:
Lowered suspension (1.3" drop), TDI Sport wheels ("Bugatti"), 20mm spacers in rear, GLI taillights, 0.205 injector nozzles

I added the following:
Chipped ECU
E-codes headlights w/ fogs + euroswitch
OEM style sunglasses holder (in lieu of grab handle)
"Pop-remove" engine cover mod
Baby seat :D

Over the years I of course had to do a few repairs/fix... I always do the work myself (with some help from my dad for heavier stuff).
Front/rear brakes (had a stuck caliper in the rear)
Sway bar bushings
Antenna base
New battery
Trunk actuator rod coming loose
In-tank fuel sender unit (had to drill out the pump-bound flap, as fuel liked to gel there during colder weather - got stranded twice in a week :mad: )
Replaced the snowscreen (the old screen was gone!)
A few lightbulbs
Had both front fenders replaced by the dealer (free under TSB :nana2: )
and basic maintenance, oil changes, oil/air/cabin/fuel filters.

Oh, and I had the complete timing belt job done last summer (first time a mechanic actually touched my car... :panic: ).

On my to-do list:
Diagnose limp-mode further (intermittent) and fix - probably a vacuum line
Skid plate (I like to live dangerously! :ugh )
Clean up intake manifold (if needed)
Fix door lock drum
Some paint touch-ups
Mk5 grocery bags hooks in the trunk (bought, have to install)
Headrest camera-rig
Custom GPS holder
5 brake lights mod
Fix the starter grinding noise after startup, though happens rarely

I love the car, though it gets smaller as the famlly grow (baby #2 arrives in a month)... Great fuel economy and durabillity.

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Welcome! If you do those mods and document with step by step pics, it will qualify for the writeup contest! See the general forum for rules-guidelines.

Great mod list and intro!

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Most of those mods come from DIYs found here or on, erm, other forums. :eek: But I may try to come up with an original one!
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