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My foray started when my wifes 2006 Jetta TDI started to make a strange pinging sound during acceleration. To make matters worse, my wife had been taking the car in to the dealership for its regular servicing since the dealership was right next to her office, and I find out that they never informed her of required maintanance that the car needed. For example they never told asked about the fuel filter, or let her know of the need to replace the timing belt. Now given that the dealership has perform all the oil change in the car since we bought it new, I except a certain level of service, after all it is not like they are losing money doing the service, even if we choose to take the car somewhere else. To stop ranting.

I spent a liitle time browsing the web and found several references to cam shaft wear leading to issue with the make of my Jetta. I took my car in to the shop my bother inlaw uses for his Audi and asked if they could inspect the cam shaft and give the car a once over. Sure enough they found that one of the lobes was round off on the exhaust side which was causing the sound we where hearing. My bothers friend had recommended this site and a source of good information and very helpfull people.

This is my first diesel, and we love the car. Just need to find a good mechanic here in the Austin, Texas area. My wife has a good friend and here husband owns a shop that work on 18 wheelers and is will to assit me in performing the repair. We used the information on your site once to service the brakes and now I find myself returning to your site for more helpfull guides. I review the information regarding the steps to replace the cam shaft and decided to give it a try.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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