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Hello there,

My first post, and why I need to see the full article about the procedure to remove the manual transmission from my '00 TDI !

I bought brand new in August 1999 this beautiful black on black, leather interior (Heard it was the second to come in province of Québec, new model TDI GLS with leather was coming in slowly), TDI Volkswagen Jetta. One year after I got it, I replaced the original radio with a Blaupunkt, installed a 12" subwoofer, and boy, this car is just a fine ride ! Fun to drive, great music sound, great dark mean looking...

The fun with TDI, is to learn how to deal with Diesel and cold... So it happened twice I got stuck on highway because the fuel was frozen in the lines... Now there is always a bottle of Diesel conditioner in the trunk :D

This year, I have my second bad luck with the Jetta. My first one was after replacing the timing belt, I installed the new one with one teeth too advanced... Yep, blew out the head... I do not have a garage, I do all work outside, or in my kitchen (Joy of single life !), so I managed to remove the old head, found a replacement one from a TDI Beetle in a junk yard and got it redone at a metal shop (Having it redone was the best decision ever ! They remaked the valve seals, and the motor starts and runs so smooth since !!), started to put back the parts together but it was in winter, so the head lied down on the kitchen floor all winter long. It was fun to see peoples eyes and comments when coming to visit :) (The next winter, I got the manual transmission from my Renault Alliance in the kitchen, but no one was surprised anymore !) At spring, I reinstalled the head, but the injectors got plugged, so I took the opportunity to upgrade them to bigger ones. The car is a bit better on acceleration, and the big puff of black smoke is funny to look at when pressing the pedal to the floor, but not so funny when looking at surrounding cars occupants !

My second bad luck started last year, I wanted to replace the brake master cylinder, because the old one was beginning to loose pressure. The pedal was not so solid, and was going very slowly to the floor when keeping a hard pressure on it. Because I want this car to be at its best, I found a good master cylinder at a local junk yard, from a more recent Jetta, and replaced it ! All went well, or so I taught... Went to drive test the car, and then the "brake pedal ghost" problem started ! The pedal was going to the floor by itself, making the car brake so hard... After a while, brakes were locking up, and it was hard to make the car go forward... Made the clutch slip a lot, and it smelt the burn so much ! Finally managed to get the car back to my place.
Tried to figure out what was happening, searched on on Google, and it seems the problem is coming from the brake booster. So I tried to fix it without removing the booster, but nothing could stand, air was rushing in the booster as soon as I was pressing on the pedal.
So I got a booster from the junk yard (I suspect they removed it from the same car as the master cylinder, they must have been happy !) and removed the old one, after looking up for the tool to remove the ball from the brake pedal of course... I found a chinese manufacturer that is selling any kind of special tools, so I ordered this tool for 15$, and took the opportunity to order the rear brake caliper reset tool, for few bucks also...
When the old booster was out, I discovered that the pin that is suppose to go from the booster to the inside of the brake master end, was not, it bent and was making the pedal not go in straight (Thus why the seal was not working anymore and air was rushing into the booster), and bent the side end of the master cylinder ! So after few great lordy words, I bent back in place the master cylinder, got the new booster back in the car, and finally (After two months, of waiting for the tools and great weather) I go for another test drive... Brakes are fine, ABS is working properly. So I go on the highway, all happy to drive the car again ! After 20 minutes, car started to slow down, hard to drive... Pressing on the accelerator, motor would slip on the clutch... Went out of the highway, and the brakes were locked up, pedal was so hard, it almost could not be pressed ! Let the car cool down for the night.
The day after, I decided to drive the car back to my place, so I could look at the brakes... Well, brakes locked up again on the highway, managed to go on the side, called a towing and got the car back to my place. When getting the car out of the towing, I noticed that the front left wheel cover has melt down !!! Gees !
I replaced the two front calipers (I think they got damaged by the big pressure that the first booster put on them), resetted the rear brake calipers with my new great tool, and again, eager to go test drive it ! I start the motor, open up the lights (Boy those Xenon lights are so bright !), put the car in reverse, release the clutch slowly... Car does not move ! Snif, clutch completely burnt out !

Soooo.... This is why I'm looking up the procedure to remove the transmission from the car, so I could replace the clutch disc !

If you read up all my story, hope you enjoyed it and I admire your patience :bowdown

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LOL...what a project, I did enjoy reading it. I made the same mistake with the brake booster, I have a brake booster and master cylinder removal article for the Passat in the FAQ that includes that caution.

You certainly have much patience with this car and your friends for having all those car parts in the house!

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