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hello from Ireland

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well all; joined up for the excellent ALH timing belt change 'how to article'... bit of a long winded affair actually loggin in here, but its done now...

Im used to spannering on old 1.6TD's n 1.9AAZ's 1Ys etc; this skoda octavia is 'the newest' ive done a belt on; right old 'ordeal' ... do I have to remove the camshaft belt pulley??

I 'assisted' in an ALH belt change years ago -with t'engine out, and i seem to remeber we somehow got the new belt on without removin the cam belt pulley...

Im sure 'page 2' will hold all the answers'!!...:thumbsup

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Welcome! You don't have to remove the cam belt pulley but it makes it easier to get the new belt on. Otherwise it's kind of tight. And it only takes a minute to sign up, literally, where were you getting stuck?
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