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hello from 05 Jetta A4 PD owner

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Familiar with the other TD groups but somehow didn't find this forum until now. I have an 05 Jetta A4 PD with the BEW engine. Love it. Now that the warranty has expired am not afraid to do my own repairs when possible.

Working on the timing belt at the moment (using instructions from another forum) as its at 78K. [LOL: Been getting threatening letters from dealer warning of the very dire consequences of timing belt failure... which they'll be happy to replace for at least four figures.]

Currently stopped with the head of a 6mm hex socket snapped off and stuck in one of the harmonic balancer bolts. :annoyed (that's what I get from buying cheap tools - someday I'll learn). Seems that everyone says you'll likely need a Bolt Grip/Bolt Out to get them out anyway. Don't have a set of those yet, so waiting until morning to head out (in wife's functioning car) and buy that.


  • 20K miles: The turbo blew. Replaced under warranty. OK since.
  • 30K Driver's window came out of clamps and fell inside door (glad it was a nice day)... fixed under warranty
  • 60K Glow plug #4 went bad... diagnosed "check engine" w/ my cheap but useful generic OBD II reader
  • 70K Passenger window came out of clamps.. was smart enough this time to not try to open it. Fixed myself
  • 76K partially cracked underbelly pan. off at the moment may eventually replace w/ fancy metal one
  • misc: key/remote in poor shape but unwilling to spend $$$ on a new one

Hope to keep it going a good long time!

Drove a non-TDI 2010 Jetta last year that I got as a rental on vacation. Not nearly as nice. (plus it died in the middle of a busy intersection...w only 6K miles on it)
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LOL....yes, a bolt out helps a lot. Make sure to firmly press it onto the head. Do not hit it with a hammer and once it's dulled it'll need to be resharpened. If you've got the right locking pliers you can try those too. Worst case, cut a slot in the head and use a screwdriver. Worse worst case, weld a rod to it. Also, check out the timing belt instructions here, they have a video and lots of pics.

If possible, work around the motor mount.

The engine is hanging by the two mounts, one of which you removed, and the dogbone pendulum mount on the bottom. Then the exhaust has limited movement on the bottom. So it can move an inch at least but you just have to use a short socket and wrench that isn't thick. Try to get a torque wrench on it because the mounts can break if over-undertightened.
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