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In at the deep end first post

Having found a a slightly damaged cam/lifters during a timing belt change on my '05 caddy 2.0 TDi PD diesel - Wade Camshafts in Melbourne cleaned some smeared bearing journals and reground a couple lobes including a PD lobe, their Rockwell test on a lobe tip said it was still OK. I assume the hydraulic lifters will take up the difference as they maintained the profile all around. Couldn't find an aftermarket supplier here so everything is VW but I have noticed a lot of myths and advice I think is dubious and VW is not really keen to help with any advice.

1. New lifters should be left for half an hour to drain after being stored upright???

I am bleeding the air out by squeezing with the hole up in a cup of oil and dropping them in place.

2. Journal bolts are stretch type and (always new ones at $10 a pop) should be installed in a clean dry tapped hole to avoid overtorquing when lubricated?? Or that you can use the old ones? I presume torque settings and procedure will now be available from archives. (first post)

I am installing new ones having blown out the holes with a compressed air and a couple shots of carby cleaner but there will always be some oil in there and I am getting a lot of lint kicking around in the top end. Is this really so bad?

3. Using a bit of hylomar around the camshaft seal and along the front mating surface of the top #1 bearing cap.

4. How do I check the setting of the PD rockers (One ground slightly smaller)?

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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