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Hello everyone - I am new to this forum (that has great info BTW..)

Just picked up yesterday a 2011 Jetta DSG Highline w/ Navi and I have some questions - maybe someone can help me - dealer does not know much...

How to unlock the rear doors using KESSY? When I touch the handle only driver's front door would open. Is there a setup that I need to make?
Operations Manual states that you can lower all windows by touching the door sensor? Is that possible as I couldn't do that?
Does this model has the speed warning?

Thank you for help!

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Not sure but the owner's manual should say. If you find out, please post a follow up. There should be a setting to change it for front door driver's vs. all door open.

If not, you can change it via VCDS. See the FAQ section for the MFD menu and VCDS mods lists.
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