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hello all
my first post (first time I have used a forum)
I have a 2002 A6 quatro 2.5 which I bought 18m ago. It initially ran well but unfortunately timing belt went early this year and trashed engine. I had a rebuild from a garage I didn't know and was not local but was recommended by people I trust. They seemed to do a good job but was pretty expensive and they didn't keep me updated as they went along so not keen to go back there. I have recently deveoped a problem with the oil pressure warning sign (red) which comes on transiently staying on only for a few tens of seconds to a couple of minutes and usually about 5-10 minutes after I start up. There is no obviouls oil leak (level is OK) and oil seems to heat up all right. Garage (different garage) has changed sensor but still happening.
Any ideas?
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