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hi all,
i've been reading the FAQ as i'm a tdi enthousiast !
i own an 98' AUDI A3 Tdi and i'm rebuilding it !
the goal is to have a good looking car with nice performance (around 200hp), great handling and confort options, here's my plan to improve all this:

1. look:
- painted with new ibis white and black rooftop (done)
- 17" S3 rims with 225/45 R17 painted in granit grey (done)
- bi-xenon projector light on OEM headlights (in progress)
- led tail light (standby)

2. performance:
- swap to PD TDI ASZ/ARL engine with entire harness + ECU (standby)
- front mount intercooler (standby)
- GTB2260 turbo (standby)
- New exhaust (standby)
- remap to approx. 200hp (standby)

3. handling:
- complete TT/S3 front suspension with 312mm disc (standby)
- 256mm vented rear discs (standby)

4. confort options:
- amplified front speakers component (done, PIONEER TS-E136C + AUDISON SRX2)
- upgrade OEM woofer (inprogress)
- install OEM cd changer (inprogress, need wiring)
- BT handsfree (standby)
- MP3 interface on audi concert stereo (standby)
- immo 3 cluster with full FIS (inprogress)
- a lot of other modifications that i will list later....

here are some pictures of the car



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Very nice car! We don't have any 3 door option in North America, only the 5 door. Feel free to document any of that stuff with pictures. If you put step by step pictures into a writeup it will qualify for the writuep contest, rules-guidelines in the general forum, and it would help others.

200hp is very doable, what engine code do you have now? You said "swap to PD TDI ASZ/ARL engine with entire harness + ECU". This sounds like a very exciting project.

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thanks, i'll try to post writeup of the future mods.
due to lack of time and also money, the project is going very slow.

the car has an AGR engine with immo 2, and i'm planning on putting a immo 3 cluster with FIS and later swap the entire engine with an ASZ or ARL with the engine bay harness (same as golf mk4), and an immo 3 ECU.

the dilema is that i want to keep immobiliser fonctionnal with immo 3, and i want to know if there's a way to write my VIN into a used immo 3 ECU and/or immo 3 cluster ?

soon, i'm going to buy the immo 3 cluster, and the vendor will deliver it to me reseted (0 km) and with SKC.

PS : the pictures of the car doesn't include the S3 rims, as they were purchased after taking pics.
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