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Hello all on myturbodiesel.com!

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Hope all is well:D Well I Guess you can say this is my introduction I bought my golf back in July of 09 first VW Ive ever owned and she has been great I'm officially hooked on VW! When I bought the car from a private owned used lot the dealer only had the valet key to give me. Being new to buying a car I didn't really care and never looked into how much a new key would cost and the procedure to get the key to work after being cut so now to present date Ive purchased a new fob and key from ecs tuning pre-cut for your car,(http://www.ecstuning.com/Search/Key_Fob/ES308660/) So i No longer have to constantly worry about losing my one key.
Now Ive searched around looking for a solution to code the immo without having to go to the dealership and came across your forum:panic: to possibly find out my skc, I also heard that you could just put the immo chip out of my valet and put it by the ignition switch and get by that wayif anyone could help it would be much appreciated.


Oh I know everyone loves pictures

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