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heated seat not working

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I have a 2003 jetta tdi. The passenger seat heat is not working. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?
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The heated seats were a recall item. I'm not sure if it still applies or in your case. Just tell them it was overheating and no longer works. The overheating and failure was the recall.

If not, check the wiring and for any codes. The heated seat is part of the upholstery. The bottom is pretty easy to change but the top is more of a hassle. There's a writeup in the b5 Passat DIY list on how to reupholster the seats, it's the same on yours.
I just picked up an '04 jetta with the same problem. Did this recall apply to '04 as well?
thank you

Thanks for the help!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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