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My opinion is that the manual will be better in the long run especially since you're a committed manual driver. It's more reliable, less maintenance, and better fuel economy. However, if you want an auto or want the convenience, it couldn't hurt. Keep in mind that the DSG is still a relatively young technology and some teething problems have popped up. Look through the DSG FAQ article for more details.

I personally think 16" wheels with 205/60 tires is a good size for bad roads. It's the same width as stock but 1 size taller. It will raise the car very slightly and increase rolling diameter of the tire. Depending on the tire, it could soften the ride as well which might not be what you want. Having had 17" wheels on the mk5 Jetta (same basic chassis as the sportwagen) I wouldn't have done it again unless the roads are good and where I live, they're not. I upsized the tires 1 size taller and my opinion is that it increased the rolling diameter a little beyond where I wanted it. See this thread for pics. http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2293

And since this is really specific to the mk5/mk6 wagon, I moved it to the mk5 subforum.
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