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Hey Cody.

I don't think there is a wiki but have you looked at this manual?

(http://mrtn.m4ti.net/mk5/Jetta & Golf Variant/Workshop Manuals/Drive Unit/4-cylinder diesel engine with unit injector.pdf).

To give you an idea of layout, look at the gaskets. I don't recall there being any "magic", just patience and care accessing some of the hidden ones.
IIRC, the torque on both intake and exhaust is 18 ftlbs?

You will need to replace a bucket-load of TTY bolts. There is a kit with all the gaskets and bolts required, last time I looked, it was like $150 which includes all the bolts, gaskets, o-rings etc. Google should find it. Make sure you have access to the cam and crank lock tools to re-install the timing belt (when you get there). If you don't, I have them and am about an hour North of Atlanta (depending on where you are in Atlanta).
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