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Hello there,
I just bought a '01 Jetta with bent valves/smashed lifters.
The previous owner had just redone all the timing parts after the motor mount broke. It seems like some part of that went bad...
The head casting is looking good, so I have all the valve/camtrain parts on the way...

One cylinder has old damage from a foreign object. The piston/head are beat up a bit, but not so bad to replace them. It had new looking glow pugs in it, so maybe a broken glow plug piece? Turbo seems fine, but I will probably pull housings off to check the wheels.
This site has a lot of useful info. I am looking forward to utilizing and contributing to it.

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Thanks, there's an article in the FAQ on how to replace the head. Make sure to measure piston protrusion to check for bent rods and correct head gasket.

The glow plugs are steel so I would think think foreign object damage is also likely.
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