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FYI, how many miles are on the Passat? I have been working on a FAQ article describing the oil chain/pump some of these cars have been getting. If the car is still under warranty, iou hear a lot of chain noise, take it to a dealer and have them look at it. If it's not under warranty, look into various extended warrantys and try to get it replaced with a gear driven oil pump.

While not every car needs it, many have excess chain noise and some have total failures which leads to engine damage. Here are more details:

Also, these cars just had a glow plug recall. The dealer will replace the Bosch ceramic glow plugs with steel glow plugs and they MUST reflash the ECU to account for the new glow plugs. Some have broken off their tips and trashed the engine.

Also, have the timing belt and all tensioners/rollers/water pump changed if there is no record of it within the last 100,000 miles.
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