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Hello all, happy new year and all the best for 2011!

My name is Bruno. I'm fairly new to the TDI world, but I am very happy so far.

I bought my first 2002 jetta tdi after driving a customers' tdi for a month. The fuel mileage was remarkable and the solid feeling of the mk4 just convinced me that I had to get one.
So I bought my 2002 Jetta GLS. Was all stock, so immediately I started modding lol.
I installed GLI brakes all around, GLI interior, GLI rims and skirts. Painted the roof black. Did the EGR delete and installed .216 injectors. Removed the cat and muffler. Amazing, loved it.

Then my wife and I realized it was time to give up her 2006 Pontiac Wave which she owned since new, in favour of a diesel also. Started looking for another jetta for her.
A customer of mine comes around with a 2000 Jetta GLS TDI, he blew the turbo on it. He offered it to me.

Since this was a familiar car I bought it for myself and gave mine to the wife. The 2000 came with leathers so I put those in the 2002 and put the GLI's in my 2000. Other then that my 2000 already had R32 brakes all around, front mount intercooler, clutch .260 injectors, a Malone tune, PD150 intake, no cat, no muffler, and I put a rebuilt GT1749V turbo back on it.

Long story short, we both have very similar Jettas but we love them. Great MPG and great power...now she's talking about a Toureg TDI for the future oh boy lol :)
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