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For those who wish to donate money - there may be scam emails or web pages out there soliciting donations so please watch out for fakes and scams via email or fake websites. You should donate directly to any aid organizations instead of through a third party. When you put the mouse over links you can also see the internet address which it takes you to.

As a general tip, when entering your credit card information you should always check the security of the website. Internet explorer and other browsers often have a lockpad symbol which you can click for security information. An example is shown below. You will also see the internet address as "https" for secure.

I searched and a few organizations which have a presence in Haiti are linked below. This is not a recommendation or endorsement of the linked websites, these are just a few known legitimate charities. You can also do an internet search to go to these sites directly. Direct donations also avoid "third party adminstration fees" skimming off the top.

Bill Clinton is the UN envoy to Haiti, here is the foundation

American Red cross

Partners in Health

World Food programme

Doctors without borders

Save the children
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