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GTD/GTI grille

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Has anyone tried mounting a GTD or GTI grill on a regular TDI?

I am thinking this available on German EBay here: ebay
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Oh MY GOD! that is ridiculously expensive! Like prohibitive. I way prefer the standard TDI/Golf grill to that or the GTI grill. I personally hate the honeycomb.

I have seen guys on VWVortex website installing the standard GTI grill on their JSW's...there are several pix there.
do they make the bottom piece? yes, $334 USD is kiiiiinda 'spensive. i suppose the bottom is just as expensive, plus fog lights... still would like to know. bueller? bueller????
I'm sure it will fit. All the Golf Grilles are interchangeable except if the grille shape is different.
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