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GTD Golf vs. standard

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I read that the Golf will get the sport suspension in the US, is this the GTI suspension? If not, how does it compare to the GTI suspension? Any way to get a GTD?
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Any way to get a GTD? Move to Europe. It's not coming here for the foreseeable future.

There are 3 basic levels of suspension: normal, sport, and GTI/GTD. So the sport suspension is not comparable to the GTD. I'm not sure how much it's lowered but in general, sport is between normal and GTI/GTD. Just because the engine weight is different, that alone will dictate different suspension to carry the different weight.
Too bad, I was looking forward to a GTD. What would it take to bring the Golf to the level of a GTD?
Look through the buyer's guide for more info - some tuners are getting 160 hp and about 290 lb-ft torque. Suspension could be done through aftermarket.

This question comes up a lot, the injectors in both 140 and 170hp euro engines are different from 140hp US engines. The difference is not yet known. The turbo and exhaust/EGR system, and obviously, engine tuning is different. But whatever the tuners are doing works. What else it effects and long term driveability and reliabilty are totally unknown.
You could import one as parts and assemble it. You just need to find a registered importer.
You could import one as parts and assemble it. You just need to find a registered importer.
That won't work. It's a myth that you can import a car as parts. It has to meet all safety, emissions, and regulations to be street legal. Even the stickers under the hood. The same goes for people living overseas who want to bring cars back. The only way you're going to see foreign cars legal in the US is if it has diplomat plates or is a show car. Canada is a bit looser, I think if the car is older than 18 years or so, you can import almost anything.
Let someone else be the guinea pig and find the law of unintended consequences. By the time your warranty runs out tunes will have improved and you won't lose the value of a warranty.
Oops, my bad, lol! I thought that was how kit cars worked.
Suspension could be done through aftermarket.
Just joined up. Thanks for all your work Mr. chittybang. Could you recommend some aftermarket sites for suspension upgrades for the upcoming MkVI Golf. I suppose they'd be the same as those for the MkV. I'd also be interested in modding the suspension of a TDI to get it to the level of the GTD.
I've heard good things about the Koni FSDs - they change dampening on frequency to soak up the bumps during normal driving but get hard during aggressive driving.

Also check out Bilstein HDs - they are gas shocks and pretty beefy. These can be used with stock springs.

Don't forget larger sway bars too.
Don't forget that tires are among the best suspension upgrades you can do. Wider tires and lighter wheels are a major supporting mod for the other suspension upgrades.

I rode in a car with the Koni FSD and was surprised at how flat the car handled consdering the smooth ride. Sway bars also help - these control the body roll during side-side transition.

I bet you could use aftermarket front springs from any 2005.5-2006 Jetta TDI. The rear is lighter than a Jetta but I think GTI springs may work. The trick is having it balanced with the front. Otherwise just get some aftermarket performance springs for a GTI and they should work OK.
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