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Hello Forum Members.

Own a new 2011 VW Golf TDI w/ DSG. This is my first diesel, so please be nice.

The car's brand new, but the first day of ownership I had a problem with the radio. Every now and then on startup, the screen is completely white/blank. Radio works fine and the touchscreen still works if you press where the buttons should be. Took it to the dealer and the "tech" there said it was because the screen needs to get to an operating temp of 42-degrees. Needless to say, I walked out of the service area immediately because he clearly had no idea what he was talking about. He wouldn't even look at the radio or the pictures or video I took of it on my phone. Went back to my sales guy and told him what happened. He apologized and referred me to a different tech who is more of a car guy. We'll see what happens when I bring it in again.

Anyway, hope to learn more as well as contribute. I have the R-line steering wheel I want to install, but I'm waiting to fix the radio issue first because I'm sure if I install it, the dealer will blame it on the steering wheel install and void the warranty for the radio.


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That's BS about the radio. Why 42 degrees?

If you get the r-line steering wheel, please take pics if possible. I am curious about where the MFD buttons or paddle shifter buttons attach and what the part numbers of these are. I would like to know if the Jetta wheel is the same as the Golf wheel. The part numbers are different but so far it looks swappable.
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