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Hello myTD.com,

I am rodeo_93 from Colorado. I purchased a 2005 JETTA GLS TDI (BEW) new, for my wife's Daily Driver, as she commutes 60 miles round trip each day. She currently has 90,500 miles on her Jetta. I have done all the required/scheduled maintenence on this car as I am a technician of 17 years, both auto and diesel. I am currently getting ready to do the complete timing belt kit (purchased from KermaTDI) and decided to upgrade the turbo with the Garrett GT1749v- VNT-17 at the same time.

Has anyone upgraded their turbo with the Garrett VNT-17. I liked the realitive ease (drop in) upgrade and hook up with the smart actuator. I purchased the EGR Cooler Tube, to keep it legal (Emissions), Full Gasket and Bolt installation kit, both flexible oil lines. If you have used the Garrett replacement, how did you like it? I will try to upload some pictures latter. Have enjoyed looking around the site. Best Regards,

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