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Interesting, mk6 twin drive golf hybrid. Independent testing shows 90 mpg? Nice.


Volkswagen still has yet to announce a production hybrid drivetrain of any sort, instead choosing to focus its efforts on clean diesel technology, and with good effect - the new Jetta TDI was named the 2009 Green Car of the Year. Despite the lack of production plans, VeeDub has been testing some interesting hybrid concepts for the last few months, especially the Golf Twin Drive. Up until now, all of the Twin Drive models had been based on the previous fifth-generation Golf, but that has just been rectified as the German automaker has updated its concept with the latest chassis and sheetmetal.

Twenty Golf Twin Drive cars currently exist and are undergoing testing. Independent tests of the Twin Drive indicate that it can achieve over 90 miles per gallon (US). Three electric motors are used, one up front with the 1.5L diesel engine and one for each rear wheel, making this an all-wheel drive car. Despite its excellent efficiency, there is a high monetary cost to pay for this much technology, so don't expect a production version any time soon.
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