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I generally prefer to run my torsion value non zero, 0 is the value reported when it is way off so it can be confusing. On the engine, there should be the factory set torsion value, and they usually run in the -2 to -4 range from what I have seen. Maybe see if you can find what the factory set it to and see if it runs better at that value? But again, I always avoided 0 because it is hard to know if you are actually 0.

DMF failure rattles when cold. So that is rather distinctive.

IQ measurements are much debated. Generally, enthusiasts say -0.5 to +0.5. The spec is -2 to +2 IIRC. Your cold start sounds like the early stages of the top set of injector seals leaking. Hard to say and many have argued to the contrary. If you park it hood uphill, does it struggle to start more rapidly than sitting a few days? +1 in 4, probably your leaker IME, but like I said, it's highly debated.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts