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golf MK4 1.9 TDI ARL strange ??

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Hi! My 1.9 TDI150 PD has a problem that I found after a DYNO test: I have max torque at 2850rpm instead of 1900 and the torque is 289Nm instead of 320Nm and max power 99kw instead of 110kw. The biggest problem that I want to resolve is the max torque delay. I think that the problems are turbo related so i did a scan with vag com. there is no fault code and while logging intake boost pressure there is no major difference between specified and actual value... so any suggestion? a second question is why i'm getting actual pressure without mbar in vag com? because of that i can't see them apropiate in graph. it's pissing me off. I attached dyno log an vag com group 11 log


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My best guess is a sensor problem, I think it's unusual for specified and actual boost to be perfectly the same with no spikes or deviance. You say actual pressure without mbar? Maybe the boost sensor is having a problem and is defaulting to a value? But that would throw an error code.
I think that defaulting would induce limp mode.... that is definately not....like I guess... verry strange.... i;m affraid that is not camshaft problem that is usual to the TDI PD engines or Injection pump problem?!?.... all filters are new....hmmm
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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