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Golf Colours

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Hi guys/gals.

I've have this argument on a few forums about VW colours. In th UK we only have a choice of 9 colours for the Golf, I believe in the US they only have 7 to choose from. Now I've always post this picture link of here to show them


How old is it pic and where did you get it from chitty?

Its down right discusting you pay £25 grand for a new car and we only have 9 colours to choose from when there are 36 in that pic. I love blue and they only have the dark Shadow blue available here. There are 10 blues listed there.

If you are from different countries please comment on the maximum numbers of colour you have available. I don't mean just Golfs any VW will do as a comparison.

Cheers. ;)
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I forget but I think it was a UK forum about a year ago.

Can't you custom order your color?
No I ask about that I wanted the Golf 'R' Rising blue but you can only have the colours listed for that model. I also wanted the GTi Monza wheels but I got the same reply.

Is it right you only have 7 colours in the States? ;)
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