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After announcing the BlueMotion version of the new MK VI Golf last month, Volkswagen has now put the new high efficiency model on sale. BlueMotion is VW's branding for its ultra-low CO2 editions of the various cars in its lineup. In the case of the new Golf, that means it dips into the double digits on the EU driving cycle with a rating of just 99 g/km. On the same cycle, the new Golf covers 61.9 mpg (U.S.) of ultra low sulfur diesel.

The BlueMotion Golf achieves these lofty numbers by starting with propulsion from the new 1.6-liter common rail four cylinder TDI. The 104 hp diesel gets lots of help from a wide ratio five-speed manual gearbox, automatic start-stop and brake energy regeneration. The latter two essentially provide the same functionality as the now-discontinued mild hybrid system from General Motors. The body has also been lowered on the low rolling resistance tires which are mounted on lighter, low drag rims to reduce the aerodynamic resistance. Unfortunately, only European buyers can get the Golf BlueMotion.
How is the auto start-stop on the engine? Low drag rims? sounds interesting.

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