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Good day All,
I've been a member for some time now but never really had any issues on my golf.
Just a quick intro on what happened prior to this issue. My oil cooler failed and had to be replaced. Flushed the gearbox with a "cheaper" ATF(which may have caused all of this :-() before I bought the required by VW. Anyways. Took the car for a test drive and all seemed good until I felt something like a small "jerk"(don't no how to described this) on the gears.
Rev's would be slightly higher before changing but only in lower gears. Later on it would drop a gear by itself even at a constant speed and on a straight road and gear up again. This proses happens with a second...it will than get worse up the the stage van the motor reach it's max temperature of 90°C(194°F) and the gears would go haywire until the gearbox will stop responding and than NADA. The display cluster and the dashboard where it indicates the gears will flash and I will have to park and let the car/engine/gearbox cool down before I will get gears again.

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