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- NO removable skin
- NO access from cabin to door
- Can't use existing wiring as the tweeter and woofer wiring are not seperate
- I push out a plug on the cabin side need the and then poked a hole in the rubber gromet and pushed my cabling through
- 1 1/2" standoffs too big - I used window caulking under 2 3/4" mdf rings and between my speaker and the mdf rings - the door hit afterward. ***didn't take dimensions (late night mod) but took off about a 1/4 to 1/2 an inch which worked for my speakers with the caulking.
- RCD510 does not had connection for cd changer (could put a connector in the harness if you have one) - I used speaker connection which works with my amp (offtopic2 jaudison lrx 5.1 - which is not working so not reviews - overheats with levels at 0 - bought online used :eek)
- driver's side door removal - upper left (towards rear of car) top mount is fragile = broke mine - it's a piece of plastice with 2 plasic welds. It is sloted so if all the rest are pulled out slide towards dash (front of car)
- door removal both sides - I still don't know how to remove the door latch cable without breaking it - I actually didn't break it the firs time but had to take it appart to modify - I broke both. They seem to break consistantly and work if put back even without glueing.
- removing speakers - rivet spin but if you keep drilling and pushing they will push trhough
- mounting speaker standoffs - because there is not skin removal I couldn't drill from the outside. I used #8 screws with washers on each side and lock washers on the on the hard to reach side. I counter sunk my standoffs (eyed it and adjusted as needed). I loaded screws from the inside (hard to reach side) - 2 lower locations are hard to get the screws in - to help hold on the washer and lock washer put clay/chaulk on to hod them. Once the screws are in chaulk and try to how the screws in place with it
- Seal speakers - I used the window stripping - like clay - comes in role
- Carpet insulation - under the carpet in the front to the rear floor there is a thick under carpet mat - on the slants in the front foot area has a thick rubber mat

I don't have pics - ban me - give the useless post thingy - it's cool

let me know if you have questions. I spent a ton of time here and everywhere I could to look this stuff up and found a few discrepancies that I noted above. The web is indispensable but surprises trump.

(note: I will be posting in other forums to help get the word out - I know I'd appreciate it)
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