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Going to change timing belt

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Just got an '06 Jetta TDI and want to change the timing belt as a precaution. Thinking of using the dieselgeek kit and install tools. I will appreciate any additional guidance from the group.
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Welcome! I wouldn't change the timing belt unless it's overdue and unknown. How many miles do you have?
+1 on the odometer. For lots of opinions, most of us will want to know what type of tranny. Based on my experience and that of many others, your timing belt is the least of your concern, your cam may give out before your belt is due. Further, I would not worry too much about if VW's 'special oil' was used before you got your car. I used that overpriced special stuff since day 1, every 5K miles. My cam and bearings puked at 80K of mostly highway droning. Some guess that being in a southern climate, will hasten your cams demise.

Research how to identify cam wear, and start with a cam evaluation. If your cam is worn, get it to a guru before big and bad things happen, if you don't feel you are able to replace a cam and all of the necessary modifications to fix VW poor design.

Since I have a 5 speed, I won't address the DSG. The mark V are great cars though...
Cam check is good advice. I'm ready for TB change on mine, but haven't checked the cam wear for issues. Thanks for the reminder!
cams bearings journals seem to be a problem too. you woundnt know unless you yanked it out though.
I thought the cambelt was 60,ooo miles or 4 years whichever comes first....or it is in the UK
I thought the cambelt was 60,ooo miles or 4 years whichever comes first....or it is in the UK
Autodata says

Timing belt - Renew Every 80,000 miles or 48 months

Timing belt tensioner - Renew Every 160,000 miles or 96 months

If you want the procedure I'll post it. ;)
I just did an 06 with 200k and the lifters were worn through. I looked at an 05 BEW with 165k and no wear at all. It varies. Both of these were doing oil changes with approved oil at a 5k interval. Could this be why they made it so far?
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