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OK ... I think I'm going to tackle this job within the next few weeks. I've been researching all that I should do while I've got everything apart:
* BSM replacement
* Timing belt (water pump / rollers / tensioners)
* Fan Clutch (it's a little wobbly / needs replaced)
* Transmission Flush (or at least drain and refill) ... filter replacement
* Camshaft inspection
* front end alignment (rebuilt title car ... need to double check all I can)
* complete flush & fill coolant (what about thermostat ?)
* oil & filter change

Other things I'm considering:
* Alternator Pulley - I've read a lot, but am not sure how to tell if I need to do this ... is there an easy "pre-disassembly" check so I could have the part ready when I take it all apart?
* serpentine belt tensioner (not showing problems ... but may want to check it out)
* ??? What have I left out?

Thanks for any help and advice !

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A tea break I think:D welcometomyturbodies

To test the alt pulley, w/belt off, use a wood stick to hold the fan. The pulley should rotate freely in 1 direction, not at all in other.

I wouldn't replace the thermostat just because. More work and no point in breaking the seals or damaging the hoses. Same w/serp belt tensioner.

If the fan clutch is wobbly, definitely change it out now. Big pain to change out later. Notes in the FAQ.

Something else you can do is to stuff some foam between the headlight and bumper skin if your headlights are shaky at idle. There are some notes in the FAQ

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